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Featuring our Family & Friends with our goats!
My Mom, Ramona
my sister, Mattie & Ramona
hubby Curt & 2011 kids
getting some lovings!
Happy Goat Customers
with Kramer & Little Jake (wethers)
Grandson, Holden with Speckles
Curt with Willie
My sister, Mattie
Happy Goat Customer Heidi
with twins Donny & Marie
Goat Gallery page 2
CUTE Goat Pics!
Happy Goat Customers
Grace and her sisters with
Annie & Zoe
My Mom, Ramona, and baby Miranda
Hubby Curt with a FAVORITE 2013 buck kid - Sampson
Emy Lou & Patty Cakes with their new owners! 2014
Dolly & Trisha with their new owners! 2014