Our baby goats are for sale in March and April, sometimes May also of each year. The kids sell usually very quickly, so be sure to get on our waiting list. 

We disbud all our horned kids at 1 - 2 weeks of age. If you want horns on your goat, you will have to pay full price for them up front. We charge $25.00 - $40.00 fee for our disbudding. When we do it ourselves we charge $25.00 But when we take them to Dr. Weckwerth in Pelican Rapids and he puts them to sleep for the procedure  he charges $40.00.  However on the disbudding we do not guarantee no scurs

We do get sets of triplets and quads, which we will then have some bottle kids for sale. Bottle kids are at same pricing as our other weaned kids. We do not start the kids on the bottle , unless necessary.

Bottle kids need to be picked up in the first week of their birth. We only sell bottle kids to experienced bottle feeders.

We name the kids at birth. When you pick out your kid or kids, you can keep the name we chose or pick a new one. That way when I send their papers in - they will have the correct name on it. We register all our goats with the Myotonic Goat Registry. I provide our customers with a folder to go with each of their goats which includes: information on how to care for them and all forms needed for transfer of registration.

We require 1/2 down to hold your goat kid or kids until they're ready for you to pickup. I accept checks or money orders for the 1/2 down payment, but require cash when you pick your goats up. They're weaned at 8 or 9 weeks of age.

We the seller reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time, for any reason. We will return the down payment.

We guarantee our goats 72 hours after leaving our home, but if anything happens to them after that we will not offer a refund.

Our Fainting Goats, adults & kids are well taken care of and given all their vacinations. They are always sold in 100 percent good health.


2018 Friends taking a nap in the sunshine!!!

If you have any questions about our upcoming kidding season, or if you wish to get on our Waiting List, email me or call ROXY @ 218-983-3360 - bigwheelranch@arvig.net